Community-based, Pre-employment Services to Youth and Adults with Disabilities

E-Now! offers community-based, pre-employment services to youth and adults with disabilities. It’s a great next step on their journey toward supported/integrated employment in the community. The four modules in this individualized service are as follows:

Futures Planning – participants meet with their support team and discover how this team will help them in their journey to employment.

Discovery – staff support participants as they discover individual interests and job-related potential on the path to job shadowing at various companies in the community.

Volunteer Internships – volunteer work experiences give participants a realistic view of what is required for the position they seek.

Pre-Employment Coaching– staff provide training and coaching to deal with any obstacle participants encountered during the volunteer internships. Services could include mock interviewing, dressing for success, resume building, and more.

Completing an application to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is the desired outcome for participant’s enrolled in E-Now! LCS staff are always ready to help an E-Now! participant complete an application to DVR…a critical step in the supported employment process.

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