LCS Connect

Helping Individuals with Disabilities Lead Fuller, More Inclusive, and Independent Lives
Through Community Involvement

LCS Connect helps individuals with disabilities lead fuller, more inclusive, satisfying and independent lives through community involvement. Once each participant’s interests, strengths and talents are identified, LCS Connect staff identifies ways to connect participants with valued community experiences and opportunities where they learn new skills while forging new friendships. Volunteering is an essential part of this service; it’s a win-win for participants and for the community.

LCS Connect participants are on a journey to a more satisfying life through LCS Connect, whether its eventual employment, volunteerism, or adventure-filled recreational activities.

LCS Connect classes encourage learning, independent life skill experiences and the discovery of untapped talents. For those that are interested, access to a greenhouse and a raised garden bed offers participants the chance to learn basic horticulture skills.

LCS Connect offers career exploration that will help an individual explore the different employment options there are in the community.  These can include job tours, job shadows, resume writing and volunteering.  This service will assist participants with learning about the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) services and the next steps to community employment.


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