Now Hiring Connect Community Coaches!

Do you want to go home each night, knowing you made a real difference in the life of an individual with a disability?

Are you ready to kick off a challenging, inspiring and rewarding career, earning skills that will travel with you for your entire professional life?

This could be the job for you!

LCS is looking for a motivated, creative and passionate individual to support adults with disabilities. LCS wants a dedicated person who demonstrates a high degree of patience, reliability and sensitivity toward others to work in our Day Service’s program.

This job requires hands-on interaction such as, supervision, teaching of daily living skills, volunteering in the community, and some personal cares. This position requires implementation of behavior intervention strategies. This position will provide assistance in the coordination of services including carrying out activities and training while volunteering in the community. This position requires a team effort to ensure all participants are actively participating in daily activities, planning, executing and finding volunteer activities or opportunities in the community.

LCS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.