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Welcome to LCS's website


LCS (Lakeside Curative Services) is a non-profit organization that focuses on weaving the interests and talents of individuals with disabilities with community opportunities.   We offer participants a variety of services including job development, supported employment, volunteer experiences, horticulture training, vocational training, and day services plus more…allwith a focus on community engagement.  LCS supports Employment First principles including the following.

  • A belief in “real” jobs for all and that everyone can work in the community on at least a part time basis, regardless of disability.
  • Employment in the general workforce should be the first and preferred outcome for publically funded vocational services.
  • LCS believes that upholding disability rights is extremely important; as protected under the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act and the Supreme Court - Olmstead decisionwhereby states are required to eliminate unnecessary segregation of individuals with disabilities and ensure that they receive services in the most integrated setting. 

Who We Serve

Annually LCS serves over 400 individuals with a diverse range of abilities first and disabilities second. LCS believes that it is important to focus on the potential of all human beings. When we do this …it is possible to figure out how to proactively address any challenges and limitations.

What We Offer

LCS focuses on providing participants the same career exploration opportunities as the general public. Plus we offer prevocational services as a short term option versus the primary or sole employment option for individuals with disabilities. This is important because it breaks the myth/tradition of assuming that participants (especially for those with an intellectual or physical disability) need to stay employed in sheltered work on a long term basis.

Our primary focus is on assisting participants find a good employment match with a local business through our job placement services - QEST and WIA.  This is where developing and maintaining positive/professional relationships with local business is critical and where our tag line of “helping people help you” comes into play.

We also offer prevocational services which take place at LCS and in the community. In this service, we partner with local businesses to offer paid - on the job vocational opportunities. The work is the “hablitative” tool that we use to teach and train participant’s hard and soft skills that they can use to augment their employment search and build their resumes.  Time is also spent in the community helping them explore the multitude of jobs that exist so they can understand the scope of employment choices that may be available to them.  Community volunteerism is also a part of this service.

The day services program builds on developing participant life, vocational and employment skills through its volunteer efforts and horticulture program.

All of our programs are unique but they also all share the common thread of community connection and engagement…all leading toward at least part-time community employment.

Measure of Success

Helping increased numbers of participants achieve employment in the community is LCS’ priority key indicator. This factor offers a win-win for the community and for the participants.  The community wins because the workforce is diversified, more people are paying taxes, the number of individuals with discretionary income to spend in local establishments is increased and the list goes on.

Research shows that people are more likely to patronize and return to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities. Additionally, co-workers and the community gain an understanding about the fact that everyone is more alike than different and that people with disabilities make good employees, good citizens and good friends.  Community employment brings people with different backgrounds and with various ABILTIES together to unify and strengthen businesses and the community as a whole!

Individuals with disabilities win because they are earning an equitable wage, they are able to demonstrate theirunique talents and potential and the myths and stereotypes that still persist even today… begin to erode and all people are seen as valued contributing members of the community. LCS believes that talent has no boundaries and we are pleased to support participants in their employment and learning experiences. 


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